Bowdoin Bears

Bowdoin Bears, the College’s participation society, recognizes and thanks loyal alumni who support Bowdoin year in and year out.


To become a member, alumni must have a history of five or more consecutive years of giving to Bowdoin’s annual funds, or continuous giving since graduation for the five youngest classes.

Like Bowdoin’s Polar Bear mascot, Bowdoin Bears are fiercely loyal and dependable, and guarantee Bowdoin’s margin of excellence through continuous annual support. Of those who give to the Alumni Fund each year, more than half are members of this important society, and Bowdoin sincerely appreciates their steadfast commitment.

Geoff Flint

Geoff Flint '94

Geoff Flint ’94 finds it difficult to narrow down his reasons for coming to Bowdoin. “I chose Bowdoin for a variety of reasons including its high academic standards, its small size, its shared love of the outdoors, the beautiful campus with New England charm, and my own love for coastal Maine.”  He adds, “I also loved the fact that so many people at Bowdoin participated in the Outing Club and shared my love for the outdoors."

Peter Logan

Peter Logan '75

"I believe in Bowdoin. As a student in the 1970s, it opened me up to unlimited possibilities and afforded me academic and extracurricular opportunities that helped shape me as a person. I have always felt it was important to give back to the college to insure that it can continue to shape the leaders of tomorrow. For the past decade, my annual gifts have gone toward funding a summer internship with the Maine Nature Conservancy for a student interested in environmental studies."

Bowdoin Bears Society member Peter Logan '75 cares deeply for both Bowdoin College and the environment.

Jenny and Joe Adu

Jenny '07 and Joe Adu '07

"Bowdoin is a special place for us. Our Bowdoin experience benefited us tremendously," they explain, noting that Jenny traveled abroad for the first time courtesy of a French Department endowment, and Joe traveled to Asia as part of a Sociology class.

"Giving to Bowdoin is important to us, because we want current students to have similarly meaningful experiences."

"We decided to give monthly to make sure that we never forget to donate to Bowdoin!"